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Important to know

From BlueScope Steel to board driven organizations. From mum & dad businesses to the local café. From St Vincent's Hospital to the local chemist, tradie, Govt. service business or SME of any size, 

we service you all. 

If you would like your business to compete with and land bigger clients, you must look like you are capable of doing it.
At SFM we meet your needs with this variety of services and at cost efficient fees.

Skilled individuals, not greedy big businesses.

Take a close look at who we perform for. Charities, not for profits, theatre, UOW, youth organisations, the disability sector, the Salvation Army and...  small, medium and large businesses just like yours.

If you need any one of our services, we hope you'll see our integrity and allow us to quote for you, because we know we are capable and our goal is as simple as this,

To exceed your expectations every time.


Phil G Harris

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